Our products are purposefully designed for easy maintenance and care.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have about the proper cleaning of your KFI Studios products, post installation.
Download our Cleaning and Maintenance guide here.


General Upholstery

KFI Studios offers a wide and beautiful array of upholstery options as part of our grade-in program. We recommend referring to the fabric manufactures specific guidelines before approaching and contacting our customer service team.

Ultraleather by Ultrafabrics

Stains which can be easily removed include wine, coffee, sunscreen, hair gel, hair mousse, vinegar, blood, urine and most other stains from food and typical soiling. Should it be necessary, Crypton protected fabrics can be cleaned with cleaners containing up to a 5% bleach solution. However, most stains can be easily removed using just gentle soap and water. To ensure complete removal of any stain, the cleaning process must be undertaken within 60 minutes of any spillage or staining. Cleaning Process:

  1. Blot with a clean, dry or damp cloth to soak up any remaining liquid.
  2. Rinse the cloth thoroughly using clean water, wring dry.
  3. Gently wipe with a solution of mild soap such as Ivory or Woolite.
  4. Rinse the cleaner from the surface using plain water.
  5. Blot dry using paper towel and allow to completely air dry.
  6. If any soiling remains use a household or commercial cleaner such as: Woolite, Cortina Leathers Universal Cleaner, Leather Master family of cleaners (except ink spot remover, Fantastic, Formula 409, Clorox wipes, Armor All leather cleaner, Kay Instant Solutions.
  7. Spray the cleaner directly onto the stain and then use a clean, soft, white cloth, to gently wipe the affected area with medium pressure to remove surface soil and debris. Use a gentle, circular motion without too much downward force.


Vacuum leather on a low setting with brush head to remove dust and grit on leather surfaces. Spills and stains should be tended to quickly with a damp cloth and very gently rubbed dry. Do not apply polishes or waxes to natural leather hide. Leather is a natural product that will crease and puddle over the life of the furnishing.


Powder Coat Cleaning

Clean painted/powder coat products with a slightly damp cloth using a mild solution of soap and water.

Chrome Finish

Chrome finishes may be cleaned with a high quality chrome cleamer to ensure the brightest finish.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Clean with a damp soft cloth using a mild soap solution or glass cleaner. No abrasive cleaners should be used.



Our friends at WilsonArt have created a handy guide for care and maintenance of Laminates, click here

Solid Wood Maintenance

Wood top coat is resistant to most household chemicals (ex. 409, Fantastic, Murphy's or Pledge). We do recommend trying a small or hidden spot first with any cleaner before using on entire surface.

For wood tops, humidity levels should be consistently between 30%-50%. Fluctuations in humidity causes wood to expand and contract and may cause warpage and finish problems. If you experience movement, your product could be damaged due to excessive moisture/humidity. This is not covered under warranty.

Our top coat stands up to spills but they should be cleaned immediately. Avoid hot products on surface. Clean spills with mild soap and water using a damp cloth. Apply solution with spray bottle, wipe clean and dry with soft cloth. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaning materials. Do not use furniture polish containing oil, wax or silicone which can produce an oily film or haze.

Please contact your KFI representative or call 800-457-5073.


Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor furniture is key to its durability. Use this method for a quick clean up here and there throughout the season. Use a mild bleach solution for stubborn stains. Open the PDF for full info

  1. Mix mild dish soap with warm water.
  2. Use a clean cloth to wipe soapy mixture onto surfaces, cleaning off excess dirt.
  3. To sanitize, mix 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water and then apply bleach cleaning solution with clean cloth.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

CDC Guidelines

Read the CDC Guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your office facility here.